Folding tents are an elegant, sophisticated way to house a large amount of guests in the outdoors, without having to worry about rain, wind or sun. When it comes to custom event tents, the possibilities are truly endless. Our skilled staff and facilities are well-equipped to undertake any request regarding size, style and design.
We have a large variety of tables suitable for all requirements. Furthermore we can manufacture any kind of table according to your needs. All of our tables have a metal folding base. Some types of tables are: Rectangular, Round tables, Cocktail, Croissant, Catering
We provide a variety of seats for you to choose from, depending on the style and decor of your event. Some of the options are white wooden Chiavari chairs, folding plastic or wooden folding chairs in the colour of wood, plastic Vienna and Polyfold and suitable seats for children's parties in different colours.
For the ideal decoration of your events, tables and chairs, depending on the style you want to have, we can provide options for tablecloths and chair covers.
We provide stand platforms, dance floors and disabled ramps, additionally we undertake special constructions on demand.
For special events we have outdoor sofas in modern design.